….that was the phrase! Just like it was a scene from the 2002 movie – “my big, fat, greek wedding”!

“Let the people eat!”

It was day 2.5 of a franchise partner meeting in Athens and meal 6 if you counted breakfast lunch and dinner as 1 meal each. But we were on platter 36! Yes you read it right.

It was platter 36 if you counted how many entrees were served over meals in 2.5 days.

This was lunch and we had 10 different platters in the 1 hour plus we were sitted. Talk about being intense! In a culinary kind of way.

She was probably the food and beverage manager and an important enough coordinator of our 30 people group.

We were trying to head back to our afternoon session and our brand partner lead was trying to speed things up when she was told this phrase that made me laugh out loud then set me thinking …

Let the people eat speaks to freedom. Let them be in a “free them” kind of mode.

Let the people eat caused one to think “no inhibitions”.

Let the people eat could very well be an enabling phrase. One that gives allowance for more.

No emphasis on food or the culinaries….

Are you letting yourself get into any of the possible meanings of “let the people eat?”

Allow yourself every now again to get into a let-the-people-eat kind of way!

Ngozi Adebiyi is the Lead Consultant at OutsideIn HR & Career/Leadership Coach @ OutsideInCoach. Our focus is practical interventions that address the challenges of businesses today. We specialise in HR Business Partnering & Leadership Development with the goal ofrevolutionising HR in Nigeria & consciously unleashing inner greatness! 


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